Bax and Stupelis share the Sidecar GP lead with Vanluchene and van den Bogaart after two rounds.

Report and pictures by Tracy Thacker

Hermans + S Brown (1)

Round two of this year’s World Sidecarcross Championship was held this weekend at the Talavera track in Spain. The conditions were hot with temperatures reaching 22 degrees, for the second weekend running. This week there were five British and Irish teams who made the long journey to Spain.  There being only twenty-seven teams that turned up, so everyone qualified

Hodges (1)

Michael Hodges and Scott Grahame
            The qualifying races determined positions on the line for the GP races. The main drama were the two teams leading the championship as they didn’t finish their races. Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart had mechanical problems on the first lap, and Willemsen / Rostingt had a rear wheel break up. This meant both teams were last to the line for the main races and started from the back row. This added an extra dimension to the racing as the track was very fast and passing was very difficult.
             In GP race one Giraud / Haller holeshotted and they held on for a great GP race win. Jake Brown / Millard had a brilliant start holding second into bend two, but as they settled into the first lap it was Bax / Stupelis who tucked into second with father Stuart Brown / Chamberlain third. Despite strong challenges the top three remained close but unchanged. Behind, Hermans / Musset took fourth from Varik / Daiders, with Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart fighting past Dierckens / Bax. Jake Brown / Millard had a great race taking twelfth place. Moulds / Kirwin had a safe race and battled through to fifteenth, with Kinge / Gray just a few places behind. Hodges / Grahame had a tough race but hung on to take their first points of the season.

Valentin Giraud and Andres Haller.
        In the final GP race of the day, it was Jake Brown / Millard who took the hole-shot into bend one with Sanders / Kunnas second, and Dierckens / Bax holding third. By the end of lap one, Sanders / Kunnas had taken the lead and were being chased by Dierckens / Bax with Giraud / Haller behind looking for another victory. Dierckens / Bax were determined and fought hard to take the lead. Behind, Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart were fighting back from a second row start and tucked into fourth with Hermans / Musset just behind. The battle at the front was very close for the first few teams and it wasn’t long before the clashes began. Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart moved through to second and closed on Dierckens / Bax who we’re leading, but the pairs touched, Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart we’re ok and continued, but Dierckens / Bax were left track side. Hermans / Musset battled through to take the lead, and enough points for the overall win. Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart moved into second on the final lap, with Sanders / Kunnas third from Bax / Stupelis. Giraud / Haller were fifth but suffered mechanical problems on the last lap and didn’t finish.  So, Brown / Chamberlain who were next took a great fifth place. After another great start, Jake Brown / Millard had a safe race finishing eighth with Kinge / Gray in twelfth.  Hodges / Grahame had a brilliant start but dropped back with mechanical problems, but they stayed in the points for a second race. Moulds / Kirwin quit with problems half way through the race. 

S Brown (3)

Stuart Brown and Josh Chamberlain.
          After a tough weekend, Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart took the overall win, although Bax / Stupelis have the same number of points. With Hermans / Musset third. Brown / Chamberlain now hold fifth in the world with Kinge / Gray now thirteenth. 
          Next week the championship moves to Holland. Oldebroek is a sandy natural track in the trees, very different from this week but you can expect to see more racing action.

Kinge (2)

Standing after GP2 Talavera, Spain


  1. 82 Etienne Bax / Kaspars Stupelis (NL-LV WSP-Zabel) 80
  2. 1 Marvin Vanluchene / Ben van den Bogaart (BE-NL VMC-Zabel) 80 (equal)
  3. 2 Koen Hermans / Nicolas Musset (NL-FR WSP-Zabel) 72
  4. 111 Daniel Willemsen / Luc Rostingt (NL-FR WSP-Zabel) 64
  5. 9 Davy Sanders / Lari Kunnas (BE-FI WSP-Zabel) 58
  6. 888 Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain (GB-GB WHT-Husqvarna 58) (equal)
  7. 4 Valentin Giraud / Andres Haller (FR-DE WHT-MEGA) 54
  8. 7 Kert Varik / Lauris Daiders (EE-LV WSP-Husqvarna) 41
  9. 5 Julian Veldman / Glenn Janssens (NL-BE WHT-MEGA) 40
  10. 10 Arne Dierckens / Robbie Bax (BE-NL WSP-Zabel) 37
  11. 18 Zeno Compalati / Bastien Chopin (IT-FR VMC-Zabel) 35
  12. 17 Justin Keuben / Dion Rietman (NL-NL VMC-Zabel) 35
  13. 23 George Kinge / Lewis Gray (GB-GB VMC-Zabel) 32
  14. 14 Gert van Werven / Peter Beunk (NL-NL WSP-TM) 23
  15. 16 Kristof Santermans / Konstantinas Beleckas (BE-LT WSP-Zabel) 23
  16. 28 Jake Brown / Joe Miljard (GB-GB WSP-Zabel) 22
  17. 22 Christophe Cuche / Maxime Cuche (CH-CH VMC-KTM) 18
  18. 98 Ijen Kops / Pim Lambrechts (NL-NL WSP-Husqvarna) 16
  19. 19 Marco Heinzer / Ruedi Betschart (CH-CH VMC-KTM) 11
  20. 31 Jan Boukal / Pavel Boukal (CZ-CZ WSP-Zabel) 11
  21. 47 Romaric Chanteloup / Josselyn Chanteloup (FR-FR WSP-KTM) 11
  22. 176 Eddie Janecke / Gordon Bothur (DE-DE WSP-MEGA) 11
  23. 24 Joachim Reimann / Philipp Reimann (DE-DE VMC-Zabel) 9
  24. 419 Junior Verhelst / Nicky Debruyne (BE-BE WSP-Zabel) 9
  25. 32 Gary Moulds / Steve Kirwin (GB-GB VMC-Husqvarna) 6
  26. 72 Frank Mulders / Aivar van de Wiel (NL-NL WSP-Zabel) 6
  27. 94 Kelly Debruyne / Jens Mans (BE-BE WSP-Husqvarna) 4
  28. 99 Thom van de Lagemaat / Han van Hal (NL-NL VMC-MEGA) 4
  29. 49 Tanel Reesna / Alexandre Tourbier (EE-FR VMC-Zabel) 4
  30. 36 Michael Hodges / Scott Grahame (GB-GB WSP-Zabel) 4
  31. 21 Pavel Hroch / Martin Hroch (CZ-CZ WSP-Zabel) 3
  32. 46 Tobias Blank / Lemuel Ravera (DE-IT VMC-Zabel) 2
  33. 79 Yohann Marquis / Theo Levenes (FR-FR VMC-Zabel) 1