Ben Cole Wins Round One of the Eastern Enduro Championship

Ben Cole, 450 Husqvarna
Ben Cole, despite running the unlucky number thirteen on his 450 Husqvarna won the opening round of the GH Motorcycles sponsored 2019 Eastern centre enduro championship beating last years champion, Jason Morland by just 1.12 seconds. Another star of the event was the young sixteen-year-old Charlie Chater who made the long trip from Shrewsbury to take part in the event and won the expert class on his 125 Yamaha. His combined two special test time would have seen him finish sixth in the championship class.a


Chris Hockey, 300 Gas Gas
The hard-working members of the Diss club organised an excellent event and were lucky to have a very lovely almost spring day with bright blue skies and warm sunshine. One hundred and ninety lined up for the nine o’clock start and set off in fours, spaced a minute apart with the championship class completing six laps which added up to just over seventy miles through the Thetford Forest area.

Jason Morland, 450 Yamaha
Cole charged into his first special test and set the fastest time from Morland, Chris Hockey, and Jamie Roper but as the riders lined up for there the second attempt Shaun Southgate on his 450 Herts MX Honda blitzed them and set the fastest time of the day, which earnt him third in class. But Southgate’s third didn’t come easy as he hadn’t ridden in Thetford forest before and didn’t have time to walk the test before riding it. So, he rode his first test fast and blind, which saw him tenth fastest and added to his second attempt time was still only three seconds off the win.

Tommy Clark, 250 KTM
With the course being so dry and fast Morland completed his last lap with two minutes in hand at the final check.
Chris Hockey couldn’t repeat his fourth fastest time on his second try which dropped him down to sixth just behind Jamie Roper as Myles Saunders finished fourth and Tim Rose fifth.
The furthest traveller to the event was Aleksei Dronov who made the long trip over from Russia with his 300 KTM to compete but sadly finished last in the championship class almost a minute behind the winner Cole.

Gavin Hockey, 300 Husqvarna
As already mentioned, Chater won the expert class by just under six seconds from Tommy Clark on his 250 KTM. Cole Cookland set the fastest test time on the second lap, but trouble on his first attempt dropped him to third.
Julian Harvey won the expert vets from series sponsor Gavin Hockey on his 300 Husqvarna with Lee Monger third.

Shaun Southgate, 450 Honda
Joe Chambers won the large clubman class but was riding out of his usual class. This meant that Jacob Roper was promoted to winner from Robert Baldry and Joe Phillips.
Christian Drane had a convincing win in the clubman vet class from Paul Belton and Mark Green while Gene Womack won the clubman super vets by just over three seconds from Andrew Mason with evergreen Steven Finch third.

Tommy Clark, 250 KTM

Top Ten Results

Championship class:
1 Ben Cole (450 Husqvarna)
2 Jason Morland (450 Yamaha)
3 Shaun Southgate (450 Honda)
4 Tim Rose (350 KTM)
5 Jamie Roper (300 KTM)
6 Christopher Hockey (300 Gas Gas)
7 William Hughes (350 KTM)
8 Daniel Willis (250 Honda)
9 Luke Gidney (250 KTM)
10 Craig Roper (250 KTM)

Adam Ford, 250 KTM

Expert class:
1 Charlie Chater (125 Yamaha)
2 Tommy Clark (250 KTM)
3 Cole Cookland (125 KTM)
4 William Kerry (200 Gas Gas)
5 Luke Gorse (350 Husqvarna)
6 Ross Taylor (250 Yamaha)
7 Kevin Green (350 KTM)
8 Bruno Van Dyke (350 Husqvarna)
9 Adam Durkin (200 KTM)
10 Ben Ramus (350 KTM)

Expert Vet class:
1 Julian Harvey (125 KTM)
2 Gavin Hockey (300 Husqvarna)
3 Lee Monger (250 KTM)
4 Paul Spurgeon (300 Husqvarna)
5 Philip Roper (300 KTM)
6 Paul Bennett (500 KTM)
7 Mark Chapman (250 KTM)
8 Anthony Dean (250 Husqvarna)
9 James Holt (350 KTM)
10 Keith Readman (250 Yamaha)

Clubman class:
1 Jacob Roper (125 KTM)
2 Robert Baldry (150 KTM)
3 Joe Phillips (125 Husqvarna)
4 Marc Nickerson (450 KTM)
5 David Stevens (125 Husqvarna)
6 Lee Corbett (300 Husqvarna)
7 Ben Roper (250 KTM)
8 Jack Austin (250 Husqvarna)
9 Joseph Hall (250 KTM)
10 Joseph Henthorn (350 Husqvarna)

Clubman Vet class:
1 Christian Drane (350 KTM)
2 Paul Belton (250 KTM)
3 Mark Green (300 Husqvarna)
4 Jason Carsboult 350 KTM)
5 Philip Waldron (250 Yamaha)
6 Jeffrey Turner (250 KTM)
7 Andrew Godbold (450 Husqvarna)
8 Wayne Fulcher (450 Honda)
9 Andrew Cattermole (250 Honda)
10 Jason Green (300 Beta)

Clubman Super Vet class:
1 Gene Womack (300 Beta)
2 Andrew Mason (250 Yamaha)
3 Steven Finch (300 Husqvarna)
4 Andrew Maben (250 KTM)
5 Stephen Haselden (250 Husqvarna)
6 Dean Curry (250 KTM)
7 Jeremy Moss (300 KTM)
8 Nigel Ross (250 KTM)
9 Graham Lazzari (300 KTM)
10 Richard Squirrell (250 KTM)

Sportsman class:
1 Lee Bradie (300 Husqvarna)
2 Oliver Birkinshaw (450 Husqvarna)
3 Huw Williams (350 Husqvarna)
4 John Parbury (350 Husqvarna)
5 Paul Barnard (300 KTM)
6 Alex Whitelaw (350 KTM)
7 David Reed (200 KTM)
8 Mark Stanley (450 KTM)
9 Even Herbert (125 Husqvarna)
10 Ciprian Zlampa (250 KTM)