Brown and Chamberlain Dominate at Dean More.

Report and pictures by Tracy Thacker

           The third round of the 2019 ACU Pro Clean British sidecarcross championship got underway at the Dean Moor in Cumbria. The weather was threatening a storm but was cloudy with strong windy all day.
           Stuart Brown and passenger Josh Chamberlain were on top form and had another clean sweep taking three great wins, they have maximum points after three rounds.

Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain 
            Race one got underway with an early lead for Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain, they were on good form going on to take a great win. Brett Wilkinson / Ryan Humphrey tucked into second with Gary Moulds and stand in passenger Brian Anthony just behind in third, but Jake Brown / Joe Millard were pushing hard from behind and blasted past to take third. In fifth George Kinge / Lewis Gray we’re struggling with clutch problems, but managed nurse the bike home. Dan Foden / Roy Bijenhof passed Michael Hodges / Paul Horton towards the end of the race to take sixth.

George Kinge / Lewis Gray 
           In race two Gary Moulds / Brian Anthony took the holeshot and fought hard to stay ahead but the completion was strong. Jake Brown / Joe Millard held second until their rear brake stuck on, they stopped and freed it up enough to finish the race. Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain fought past George Kinge / Lewis Gray to take second and challenged for the lead, going on to take another great win. Brett Wilkinson / Ryan Humphrey tucked into second with George Kinge / Lewis Gray in third. Gary Moulds / Brian Anthony finished in fourth, with Dan Foden / Roy Bijenhof just behind, and Michael Hodges / Paul Horton in sixth.

Brett Wilkinson / Ryan Humphrey, George Kinge / Lewis Gray, Gary Moulds / Brian Anthony.
            In the final race Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain once again dominated the race taking a third win. Jake Brown / Joe Millard tucked into second and had a safe race. Behind the battle for third was the best we had seen all day. Gary Moulds / Brian Anthony held the place and were fighting hard to get in the podium, but George Kinge / Lewis Gray stayed close despite being showered with dirt and stones but how ever hard they tried there was no way through. Then Brett Wilkinson / Ryan Humphrey joined the battle after fighting back from a poor start. The trio battle lap after lap with Brett Wilkinson / Ryan Humphrey passing George Kinge / Lewis Gray and working hard to manoeuvre the back markers and get through to third, Gary Moulds / Brian Anthony held fourth but narrowly missed a podium place. George Kinge / Lewis Gray took fifth which didn’t really reflect how hard they had worked, with Dan Foden / Roy Bijenhof in sixth.

Dan Foden / Roy Bijenhof.
           Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain took the overall win with full points so far, and a 41-point advantage over second place Jake Brown / Joe Millard, father and son leading the championship which is an amazing feat.
           George Kinge / Lewis Gray are holding third with Michael Hodges and stand in passenger Paul Horton in fourth.
           Brett Wilkinson, the defending champion has so far only participated at two rounds and the team are working to get back to full strength. But now move into the top ten.
           Trying hard to get back on the podium was Irishman Gary Moulds. His passenger Steve Kirwin is still struggling with a back injury, the team were in action with a stand in, our infamous Australian friend Brian Anthony. They also hold a top ten championship place.
           Next round: 11 August, Wakes Colne

Top ten results

1 Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain 25 + 25 + 25 = 75
2 Brett Wilkinson / Ryan Humphrey 22 + 22 + 20 = 64
3 Jake Brown / Joe Millard 20 + 14 + 20 = 64
4 Gary Moulds / Brian Anthony 18 + 18 + 18 = 54
5 George Kinge / Lewis Gray 16 + 20 + 16 = 54
6 Dan Foden / Roy Bijenhof 15 + 16 + 15 = 46
7 Michael Hodges / Paul Horton 14 + 15 + 14 = 43
8 Tony Grahame / Charlie Ide 13 + 13 + 13 = 39
9 James Georges / Chris Pannell 12 + 12 + 12 = 36
10 Emma Moulds / Niki Adair 11 + 11 + 11 = 33

Championship positions:
1 S Brown 225, 2 J Brown 184, 3 Kinge 152, 4 Hodges 143, 5 Foden 136, 6 Grahame 125, 7 Wilkinson 106, 8 Moulds 99, 9 Georges 98, 10 Moulds 92.