Parker Dominates Round One of the
Eastern Centre Enduro Champs.

Luke Parker (450 Matt Pope Kawasaki)
            Luke Parker on his 450 Matt Pope Kawasaki dominated last Sunday’s round one of the GH Motorcycles Santon enduro. He showed the other riders he is the man to beat as he defends his Eastern Centre enduro championship.
            But considering the extreme weather we have been having over the last weeks and with and with so many other events being cancelled praise must go the Diss club members, headed up Andy Waters, for putting on a great event.
            Heavy overnight rain made the going tough deep in the woods of Thetford forest with the loamy soil digging out even more than usual and testing the almost two hundred starters to the limit.
            At just after the nine o’clock start time the championship riders reached the first of two special tests with multi Eastern Centre champion Chis Hockey (300 Gas Gas) the first rider to set a time for the rest to beat. But just moments later Parker set a blindingly fast time that would remain unbeaten. Ben Cole (250 Husqvarna) was second fastest with Hockey pushed down to third place.

George Eustace (250 KTM)
           Motocross rider Shaun Southgate (450 Honda) kicked up the leaf mould on his way to fourth fastest while Daryl Bolter (250 Husqvarna), making a comeback from an injury he acquired last autumn, was a credible fifth.
           It was a similar story in the second of the two tests as Parker went even faster on a course made rougher by the passing of two hundred motorcycles meaning all he had to do was to stay on time at the checkpoints to win the event.
           Bolter must have been getting back in the groove as he posted second fastest time knocking Cole down to third, but when adding the times together, the order was reversed by the slimmest of margins.
          Parker didn’t seem to tire as he slid into the final check a minute early, which is allowed hardly looked like he had worked up a sweat.

Roger Holland (300 Sherco)
            Henry Yardley (125 Husqvarna) was outgunned by the bigger bikes in the tests as he finished seventh in both, but as he finished the long event without time penalties was fourth overall. Southgate, Jamie Roper (300 KTM), and Hockey were all a minute late at the final check with Daniel Willes (250 Honda) and Nieve Holmes (300 Sherco) two minutes overdue.
            Jason Morland (450 Yamaha) had an event he would like to forget. He fell off twice in one of his special test attempts and then had his chain brake at a point furthest from the work area. He was towed back by a helpful travelling marshal and fitted another chain. He then re-joined only to be told he couldn’t do that as he was helped back to the work area.
            None of the expert riders finished without time penalties but out of the four that used a minute Mathew
            Harris (250 KTM) won the class by virtue of his acuminated test times. Sam Davies (125 KTM) was less than a second behind Harris in second with Jamie Buckingham (250 KTM) third and Adam James (125 KTM) fourth.

Ben Cole (450 Husqvarna) 
          Multiple centre trials champion, Julian Harvey (125 KTM) won the experts vets class for the over the forties from John Shirt (250 Gas Gas) as both riders finished without time penalties. Gavin Hockey (300 Husqvarna) was a comfortable third with James Holt (350 KTM) fourth.
            Jake Ward (250 Husqvarna) was the only clubman rider to finish without time penalties with Lewis Holmes (450 Honda) and Steven Baldock (250 KTM) finishing in second and third a minute down.
            Paul Hanks (250 Husqvarna) won the clubman vets class for the over the forties from Mark Green (300 Husqvarna) and William Lloyd.
            In the clubman super vets for the over the fifties, Mark Chapman (250 KTM) took control and won the class by a mile. He was the only rider on time and set the fastest two times in the special tests. Gene Womack (300 Beta) was second with Andrew mason (250 Yamaha) third.

Jack Berry (250 Husqvarna)

Top ten results

1 Luke Parker (450Kawasaki)
2 Ben Cole (450 Husqvarna)
3 Daryl Bolter (250 Husqvarna)
4 Henry Yardley (125 Husqvarna)
5 Shaun Southgate (450 Honda)
6 Jamie Roper (300 KTM)
7 Chris Hockey (300 Gas Gas)
8 Daniel Wills (250 Honda)
9 Alfie Coles (250 Husqvarna)
10 Nieve Holmes (300 Sherco)

1 Mathew Harries (250 KTM)
2 Sam Davies (125 KTM)
3 Jamie Buckingham (250 KTM)
4 Adam James (250 KTM)
5 Jacob Roper (125 KTM)
6 George Yardley (125 Husqvarna)
7 Daniel Cooper (125 KTM)
8 Ross Taylor (250 Yamaha)
9 Aled Price (300 KTM)
10 Jay Brooker (250 KTM)

Expert vet (40+):
1 Julian Harvey (125 KTM)
2 John Shirt (250 Gas Gas)
3 Gavin Hockey (300 Husqvarna)
4 James Holt (350 KTM)
5 Karl Greenall (300 Husqvarna)
6 Davie Coles (250 Husqvarna)
7 Jonathan Pearson (350 Husqvarna)
8 Lee Monger (300 Husqvarna)
9 Simon Beken (350 KTM)
10 Keith Readman (250 Yamaha)

1 Jake Ward (250 Husqvarna)
2 Lewis Holmes (450 Honda)
3 Steven Baldock (250 KTM)
4 Ben Roper (250 KTM)
5 Frazer Buckingham (125 KTM)
6 Joseph Henthorn (350 Husqvarna)
7 David Woods (300 Sherco)
8 Toby Rogers (250 Gas Gas)
9 Matt Cummings (250 KTM)
10 Marc Nickerson (450 KTM)

 Clubman vet (40+):
1 Paul Hanks (250 Husqvarna)
2 Mark Green (300 Husqvarna)
3 William Lloyd (250 KTM)
4 Christian Drane (450 KTM)
5 Raymond Otoka (250 Husqvarna)
6 Peter Robson (350 KTM)
7 Philip Gilder (250 KTM)
8 Jason Carsboult (350 KTM)
9 Andrew Cattermole (250 Honda)
10 Mark Franklin (250 Yamaha)

Clubman super vet (50+):
1 Mark Chapman (250 KTM)
2 Gene Womack (300 Beta)
3 Andrew Mason (250 Yamaha)
4 Paul Davis (125 Beta)
5 Allen Price (300 KTM)
6 Graham Mays (300 Husqvarna)
7 Dean Curry (250 KTM)
8 Stephen Haselden (300 Sherco)
9 Graham Lazzari (300 KTM)
10 Adrian Wainwright (250 Husqvarna)

1 Timothy Rooney (350 KTM)
2 Carl Poore (350 Husqvarna)
3 Simon Minch (570 Husaberg)