Jack Thompson Classic Bikes Trial 2019

Daniel Carter (400 Matchless)
            For the third year in a row Phillip Wiffen (490 Norton) the Jack Thompson classic bike trial. But this year he had to share the win, and perhaps half the trophy with Daniel Carter (400 Matchless) as both riders completed two laps of twenty section without loss and just could not be separated.
            It’s not easy laying out trials section in this country at the time of year where overnight rain could make the course almost un-rideable. But, the keen officials of the Sidcup club worked hard designing a course that would claim some marks around their famous Canada Heights motocross circuit in Kent to give the competitors a lovely day out. Come the trial day, and the sun shone making it an enjoyable dry day making for some very low scoring, hence the tie for the Jack Thompson trophy awarded to the four-stroke pre-unit class.
            Neil Osman (410 AJS) was third in class with the loss of just four marks, two of which were lost at the very first section. Colin Mote (500 Ariel) lost on point more than Osman with a two on section sixteen on lap one. He cleaned it the next lap.

Phillip Wiffen (490 Norton)
           Mark Watmore (500 Triumph) and Marl Baldock (350 Arial) both ended the event with the loss of nine with Watmore being awarded fifth by virtue of his furthest clean.
            Steve Monk (350 Royal Enfield) won the unit construction class and was another rider to complete the course, on the hardest route, without loss. David Shave (350 Grumph) (Triumph engine in a Greeves frame) lost his only point with a single dab on his second attempt at unlucky section thirteen was runner up with David Plumb (250 Triumph) having three single dabs’ ending his day third with a loss of three marks.
            Steve Mannerings (280 BSA) and David Strank (250 BSA) both ended their day with the loss of six for fourth and fifth places. Mannerings had a disastrous five on his second attempt at section eleven while Strank did the same in section fourteen on the first lap. The furthest clean rule meant the Mannerings was fourth.

Colin Mote (500 Arial)
            In the two-stroke class riding the hardest route once again, Bryn Matton (250 Francis Barnett) completed the trial without loss with Tom Bartrum (185 BSA) having a single dab at his first attempt section sixteen in the runner up spot.
            Trevor Baker (250 James) had three single dabs’ spread out over the event was third on three with Allen Collier (250 Francis Barnett) a single point behind him. Paul Stephen (250 Sprite) and Dave Burroughs (250 James) filled out the top six on six and seven marks lost.
            Things were really tight for the sidecar class win as the six times winning team of Peter Pesterfield with passenger Deborah Smith (500 Ariel) with the loss of a single point were pushed down to second place as three-time winner Paul Fishlock with passenger Debbie Merrell (500 Ariel) completed the trial without loss.

Vic Allen (412 MV Agusta)
            On the middle red route, Geoff Cornes (500 Matchless) just beat Steve Mote (500 Arial) by a single dab in the four-stroke pre-unit class as the pair finished on five and six marks lost.
            Andy Healey (350 TriGreeves) won the four-stroke unit class with the loss of three and was five points ahead of John Bull (150 MV Agusta) with Neil Cozens (250 BSA) third, one mark behind the loading pair.
            Jack Frearson (410 AJS) wrestled his machine around the forty sections for four-stroke rigid tele forks class win while Dave Blanchard (250 Triumph) won the four-stoke rigid girder fork win.
           Graham Hayward (250 Greeves) won the two-strokes with the loss of just three marks while Dean Latter (250 Sprite) finishing only one point behind him.
            On the gentleman and ladies’ route, Terry Sewell (250 Greeves) won the class with the loss of six with Dutchman Rob van der Ham (350 Matchless) just one point behind him.

Geoff Comes (500 Matchless)

Results, top six

Four-stroke, pre-unit (White route):
1 Daniel Carter (490 Norton) 0
1 Philip Wiffen (400 Matchless) 0
3 Neil Osman (410 AJS) 4
4 Colin Mote (500 Ariel) 5
5 Mark Watmore (500 Triumph) 9
6 Mark Baldock (350 Ariel) 9

Four-stroke, pre-unit (Red route):
1 Geoff Cornes (500 Matchless) 5
2 Steve Mote (500 Ariel) 6
3 Dave Larkin (500 Ariel) 9
4 John Day (350 AJS) 27
5 Phil Roger (350 Matchless) 34
6 Richard Tree (500 AJS) 47

Four-stroke, unit, sprung (White route):
1 Steve Monk (350 Royal Enfield) 0
2 David Shave (350 Greumph) 1
3 David Plumb (250 Triumph) 3
4 Steve Mannerings (280 BSA) 6
5 David Strank (250 BSA) 6
6 Chris Anderson (200 Triumph) 12

Four-stroke, unit, sprung (Red route):
1 Andy Healey (350 TriGreeves) 3
2 John Bull (150 MV Agusta) 8
3 Neil Cozens (250 BSA) 9
4 Joseph Butcher (350 Triumph) 13
5 Paul Balsillie (250 Triumph) 13
6 Stuart Littler (200 Triumph) 14

Four-stroke, rigid girder forks (Yellow route):
1 Dave Blanchard (250 Triumph) 13
2 Bob Onley (350 Velocette) 32

Four-stroke, rigid tele forks (Red route):
1 Jack Frearson (419 AJS) 5
2 Adrian Mountain (350 AJS) 6
3 Ian Hayward (350 AJS) 12
4 James Coker (350 Matchless) 22
5 Martien Vermeulen (450 FN) 30
6 Robert Cox (350 Panther) 67

Two-stroke (White route):
1 Bryn Matton (250 Francis Barnett) 0
2 Tom Bartrum (185 BSA) 1
3 Trevor Baker (250 James) 3
4 Allen Collier (250 Francis Barnett) 4
5 Paul Stephen (250 DOT) 6
6 Dave Burroughs (250 James) 7

Two-stroke (Red route):
1 Graham Hayward (250 Greeves) 3
2 Dean Latter (250 Sprite) 4
3 Martin Kemp (250 Greeves) 12
4 Chris Page (175 BSA) 14
5 John Dudley (250 James) 19
6 Roy Haines (250 Ariel) 31

Two-stroke, rigid (Yellow route):
1 David Clarke (187 James) 35

Sidecar (Yellow route):
1 Paul Fishlock / Debbie Merrell (500 Ariel) 0
2 Peter Pesterfield / Deborah Smith (500 Ariel) 1
3 Neil Hannam / Barry Pocock (500 Triumph) 8
4 Karl Jarvis / Bob Chapman (500 Triumph) 11
5 Jake Pope / Harriot Shore (500 Triumph) 14
6 Paul Randall / Harry Martin (500 Triumph) 18

Gentleman and ladies (Yellow route):
1 Terry Sewell (250 Greeves) 5
2 Rob van der Ham (350 Matchless) 6
3 Emma Thompson (170 Excelsior) 9
4 Peter Weeink (200 Triumph) 9
5 David Wiffen (410 Matchless) 10
6 Alan Shorter (350 AJS) 14