We are back racing, with Michelin MX Nationals One.

Jake Nicholls (Buildbase Honda)
            At long last national racing finally restarted after a testing time battling COVID-19 that stole most of the year. The hardworking members of the MX Nationals team put their necks on the line and staged an excellent event within the stringent demands and guidelines imposed by the local and national government.

Jake Nicholls leads at the start of the first Pro race.
            As expected, the highlight of the weekend was the two combined “Fastest Forty” pro MX1 and MX2 races that were packed with top quality world and national riders, so packed in fact that some of them had to be moved to the British expert’s race after timed qualifying.
            Jake Nicholls on his Buildbase Honda got the holeshot at the start of the first race from New Zealander Dylan Walsh and ASA United Husqvarna’s Brent Van Donnick but from then on Nicholls turned on the style and smoothly pulled away from the rest of the pack to take the first race win.
            Walsh and Van Donnick stayed in second and third till the last lap when Buildbase Honda’s Tommy Searle and Harri Kullas on his DEOS Cab Screens Honda pushed them back to fourth and fifth after an incident out the back of the track shuffled up the leaders.
            Evgeny Bobryshev after an opening lap fight with Searle and Kullas was sixth with Jake Millward on his Chambers Husqvarna seventh from fourth at that start of the race.

Tommy Searle (Buildbase Honda)
            Ashton Dickinson was the fastest starting MX2 rider in twelfth place going into turn one and spent all of the race fighting off the bigger MX1 machines and finished his race in the same position but notched up his first national MX2 race win.
            Josh Gilbert, Par Homes RFX Husqvarna was banging bars with Buildbase Honda’s Steven Clarke at the start of the race, but as Clarke slipped backwards Gilbert finished thirteenth in the race, but the second MX2. Taylor Hammal, RHR Yamaha went quietly about his business to finish third in class with Clarke recovering to fourth place. Jamie Law was the first of the 250 two-strokes in fifth on his Apico Husqvarna.

Josh Gilbert (Par Homes RFX Husqvarna)
           Walsh got the holeshot at the start of race two and seemed to have the race in the bag. Van Donnick and Searle followed him around the opening lap with Thomas Covington and Nicholls in fourth and fifth.
          By lap three, while Walsh pulled away, Van Donnick and Searle were swopping places till on the sixth lap Searle collided with a backmarker which let Van Donnick off the hook and let Bobryshev through to third.
          With three laps left in the race, it was all change. Van Donnick slipped by Walsh for the win. Then Bobryshev made a mistake and dropped back to fifth. Walsh went off the track within sight of the finish flag and dropped back to sixth, all of which left Searle second, Kullas third and Nicholls fourth.

Brent Van Donnick (ASA United Husqvarna)
            Gilbert stayed in the lead of the MX2’s but as the race came to a close a late charge from Clarke almost snatched the win from him. Hammal had another great ride for third while, once again Law was the first two-stroke home in fourth place. Brad Anderson on his Verdi KTM was fifth which made up for the disappointment of race one.
           Overall it was an all Honda podium in the MX1 class as Nicholls took the overall win by a single point from teammate Searle to tied on points with third-place man Kullas. Van Donnick missed out of the podium by a single point as only two points separated the top four. 
          Gilbert won the MX2’s overall by seven from Clarke with Hammal third but tied on points with Clarke. Dickenson after his race one win had to settle for fourth after an opening lap crash robbed him of the overall podium position.

MX1 and MX2 Fastest 40, Results

Jake Millward (Chambers Husqvarna)
            With three wins and a second-place, Gavin Stevenson dominated the Oakley Experts MX1’s with Shaun Southgate chasing him home for second overall. Richard Bird who was never out of the top four was third with Brad Cavill just missing out on a podium position.
            Jake Preston with a pair of wins’ and two-second place won the Bell Expert MX2’s by just two points from Charlie Putman who won the races Preston didn’t. Drew Anderson took the final podium place with Ollie Beamish missing out by a single point.
            Ashley Beniston won all four of his Moto Connection Clubman MX1 races which left Ryan Gardiner, Carl Robson and Ryan Osborn to fight over the last two remaining steps of the winner’s rostrum.

Dan Thornhill (DEOS Cab Screens Honda)
            Alex Buchanan did the same in the RFX Clubman MX2’s as Beniston did in the Clubman MX1’s. He was all of four legs. Max Flint who was never out of the top three, was second while Logan Wilcox was third.
           The Talon MXY2 and MXY125 were run together but scored separately. Cullen Scott with two wins a second and a third won the MXY2’s from Louie Kessell and Ryan Thomson while Bobby Bruce had a clean sweep in the MXY125’s. Alfie Jones followed Bruce over the finish line in three out of the four races for second overall with Jude Morris pushed back to third after a DNF in race three.
          Charlie Hayman dominated the Fly Racing big wheels by winning all of the four races with Billy Askew and James Baker having to settle for second and third place.
          Ryan Waggott with three wins and a second won the Gaerne small wheel 85’s from Joey Benfield and Chester Hyde.

Oakley Expert MX1

Bell Expert MX2

Billy Bolt (Husqvarna)

Moto Connections Clubman MX1

RFX Clubman MX2

Harri Kullas (DEOS Cab Screens Honda)

Talon MXY2

Talon MXY125

Lian Knight (Gabriel KTM)

Gaerne SW85

Fly BW85

Jason Meara (Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki)

Pro-Green Amateur MX1

Pro-Green Amateur MX2

Evgeny Bobryshev (Par Homes RFX Husqvarna)