Sam Conner makes it three wins in a row at the Sidcup 60 Trial

Sam Conner
Sam Connor, for the third time in a row, won the Sidcup clubs Body Clinic Sidcup Sixty trial last Sunday. But Conner didn’t just notch up his eighth win, he demolished the opposition by losing just nine marks compared to runner up Oliver Smith’s twenty-six.
The club continues to raise the level of the event and shipped in load after load of rock’s and stone to give the one hundred and forty-four starts from the southeast a taste of what condition they would find up-north where most of the British championship rounds are situated.
Dead on nine thirty the riders the first of the riders set off on two laps of twenty testing sections under a clear blue sky for a change from the usual wind and rain that seems to plague the event.

David Plumb

David Plumb
Conner, on his Beta-UK Beta made a great start to his event and cleaned the first four section in the woods beside the club’s famous motocross track. But as he and the other expert elite riders came to the new rock covered section five set on the bank behind the paddock, they all stopped while trying to work out how to tackle it. Some riders thought it was too much even to attempt and took a five and carried on, but Conner was the first to give the overhanging rock ago as the rest looked on. He didn’t make it and registered his one and only five of the forty section trial
For the rest of the lap, Conner had just one single dab for a total of six. On his second visit to the now notorious section five he got away with a three, which was his only loss on the second lap which added up to a finish total of nine marks lost.

Richard Ely
Oliver Smith on his 250 Oset Gas Gas was matching Conner section to section till on number ten he dropped a carless five and combined with a three and a couple of single dabs he ended the lap on fifteen. On his second lap, he had a great single on five but then dropped a maximum on the very next section and finished his day in the runner up spot on twenty-six.
Thomas Moss was third, just four marks behind Smith while eleven times Sixty winner and local rider Ashley Newbery was fourth on forty points lost.

Ashley Newbery
The finish of the expert’s class was very close with just five marks separating the top three. Winner Toby Smith on a 260 Montesa must have thought he had thrown away any chance of a will four sections into the event. He had a single dab on four and followed that up by a couple fives on the next two sections. But he re-grouped and put that behind him to drop just one more point for the rest of the laps for a total of twelve. His new confidence carried over to the second lap where his dropped only seven makes for an event total of nineteen.

Oliver Smith
Kevin Nolan matched Smith’s first lap total but an unwanted five on section six on lap two gave him an evet total of twenty, just a single make off the win.
James Burroughs had a resizable opening lap but had the lowest second lap score in his class of six which meant he ended his day with a loss of twenty-four for third place with Nick Dowland was ten points behind him in fourth. Both Nick Dowland and Mark Baker made it into the awards in fourth and fifth.

Michael Nutbrown
On the intermediate route, Martin Carter was in control. He had a couple of fives on his way around and added some single dabs for a total of twenty-one, fifteen clear of second place man Michael Hayden. Keith Tapin was third, three behind Hayden with Mark Baldock and Aaron Wakefield both resaving awards for their day’s efforts.
Ashley Hall won the over 40’s riding the intermediate route by nine from Mark Reason as Harley Stephens finish just one point behind Reason in third.

Jenny Stephen
Tom Bartrum proved you don’t need modern machinery to do well in a modern bike trial as he won the novice class on a 175cc BSA Bantam, a machine that may have been older then he was. Paul Whitehead pushed him all the way to finish a single point behind him while Ian Pape was third.
It was a very close finish in the over 50’s as Tim Carter came within one mark of class winner Kevin Miller as club member Sten Pringle was third, just six points off the lead.
Jack Dance won the youth expert elites on thirty-nine and would have finished fourth against the grown-ups.
In the rest of the youth classes, Joe Snelling won the expert, while Alex Davies won the intermediates and Elliot Smith won the youth novice class.



Expert elite: 1 Sam Connor (300 Beta-UK Beta) 9, 2 Oliver Smith (250 Oset Gas Gas) 26, 3 Thomas Moss (300 Stiles Gas Gas) 30, 4 Ashley Newbery (300 Freestyle TRS) 43, 5 Thomas McCabe (300 Farley TRS) 46, 6 Gus Oblein (250 MRS/SPJ Sherco) 48, 7 Richard Ely (300 Beta-UK Beta) 57, Jack Stiles (300 Stiles Gas Gas) 86.

Expert:1 Toby Smith (260 Montesa) 19, 2 Kevin Nolan (300 Jamsport Scorpa) 20, 3 James Burroughs (300 Beta) 24, 4 Nick Dowland (300 Sherco) 34, 5 Mark Baker (300 Beta) 36, 6 Gavin Cooper (300 John Lee Beta) 41, 7 Matthew Godden (300 Gas Gas) 41, 8 George Hurley (300 Beta) 42, 9 Adam Juffs (250 TRS UK TRS) 45, 10 Adam Connor (300 Beta) 46.

Intermediate: 1 Martin Carter (250 Gas Gas) 21, 2 Michael Hyden (250 Gas Gas) 36, 3 Keith Tapin (300 Gas Gas) 39, 4 Mark Baldock (300 Gas Gas) 42, 5 Aaron Wakefield (300 Gas Gas) 43, 6 Lewis Chapman (260 Montesa) 45, 7 Frankie Ely (125 Sherco) 62, 8 Jasmine Hammond (250 Sherco) 65, 9 Jenny Stephen (250 Sherco) 66, 10 Andrew Ely (300 Beta) 67.

Over 40, intermediate route: 1 Ashley Hill (280 TRS) 10, 2 Mark Reason (300 Beta) 19, 3 Harley Stephens (300 Freestyle Beta) 20, 4 Lee Brockenhurst (300 Gas Gas) 26, 5 Stuart Bridges (300 Gas Gas) 27, 6 Michael Nutbrown (300 Beta) 27, 7 Martin Stevens (300 Gas Gas) 30, 8 Roger Higgs (300 TRS) 31, 9 Adam Marshall (250 Gas Gas) 31, 10 Dave Shave (260 Montesa) 34.

Novice: 1 Tom Bartrum (185 BSA) 26, 2 Paul Whitehead (300 Fantic) 27, 3 Ian Pape (250 Honda) 38, 4 James Coker (250 Pringle Beta) 43, 5 David Cutler (270 Beta) 55, 6 Katie Nash (300 Paul Nash Gas Gas) 60, 7 Martin Giles (249 Montesa) 63, 8 Tony Whitcombe (300 Gas Gas) 63, 9 Doug Norris (250 Montesa) 64, 10 Jack Taylor (250 Beta) 69.

Over 50, novice route: 1 Kevin Miller (250 TRS) 9, 2 Tim Carter (250 Gas Gas) 10, 3 Sten Pringle (300 RS Auto Beta) 16, 4 Tony Dobbs (300 Beta) 20, 5 Alan Paton (260 Montesa) 22, 6 Neil Houkham (260 Montesa) 24, 7 Warren Eves (260 Montesa) 25, 8 Keith Strudwick (300 Gas Gas) 25, 9 Robert McKenzie (250 Gas Gas) 27, 10 Paul Stephen (250 Yamaha) 27.

Youth expert elite: 1 Jack Dance (125 JST Gas Gas) 39, 2 Brett Harbud (125 BVM Beta) 62

Youth expert: 1 Joe Snelling (125 Beta) 72, 2 Mason Meadows (125 Beta) 75, 3 George Mallion (125 Beta) 89.

Youth intermediate: 1 Alex Davies (125 AWD Gas Gas) 48, 2 Sarah Bell (125 Beta) 73, 3 Sam Cooper (125 Gas Gas) 90, 4 Sophie Bailey (125 Paul Nash Gas Gas) 96.

Youth novice: 1 Elliot Smith (1,2 Oset) 40, 2 Daniel Breo (125 Gas Gas) 49, 3 Rowan Dean (80 Beta) 121.