Sheldon Seal Steals Second Place in the Last Lap of the Le Touquet Quad Beach Race

Mike Vangrinsven

Three hundred and fifty-five quads started the two and a half hour Quaduro race on a windy Saturday afternoon and with twenty from the UK hopes of a good result was a possibility.

Sheldon Seal

Matthieu Ternynck got the holeshot at the end of the long five-mile drag down the beach, but it was Mike Vangrinsven that led the race at the end of the opening lap. He was followed by Ternynck, Randy Naveaux, Romain Couprie, Keveen Rochereau, Jeremy Forestier, Antoine Philipront, Florian Mangeot and Sheldon Seal.

With the race three laps old and with the leaders well into lapping the slower riders, Rochereau was in the lead from Seal, Couprie, Ternynck and Forestier.

Sheldon Seal

The pack was re-shuffled again after the first of the pit-stops as Ternynck and Couprie were setting the pace and were separated by just under and second and a half. Seal was in third, four seconds behind the leaders, but had a comfortable lead of ten seconds over the rest of the pack. Naveaux was fourth, from Forestier, Vangrinsven, Philipront and Beroudiaux.

 Jeremy Forestier

At the halfway stage of the race, Seal was in the lead from Couprie and Naveaux, and Ternynck slipped back to eighth.

 Mike Vangrinsven

With four laps to go Ternynck caught and passed Couprie with Seal in a handy third place but as the race winner Ternynck crossed the finish line, Couprie had his bike pack up, handing second place to a surprised Seal. Antoine Cheurlin had made a late charge through the pack to third place as Forestier just missed out on a podium position.

 Michel Trannin

“It was an unreal feeling leading Le Touquet as I had never done that before,” said a happy Seal just after finding he was second and not third as he thought, “I am really lost for words being on the podium here. Especially on a bike that me and my dad built in a shed at home in-between working for a living. You can’t beat that feeling.”

            Carl Bunce was thirteenth with Harry Miller twenty-fifth. Harry Walker didn’t make it past the end of the start straight when a hole in his silencer burnt through his seat and wiring loom.

Quaduro results (Top thirty)
1 Matthieu Ternynck (Yamaha) – 12 laps
2 Sheldon Seal (Yamaha)
3 Antoine Cheurlin (Yamaha_
4 Jeremy Forestier (Yamaha)
5 Randy Naveaux (Yamaha)
6 Mike Van Grinsvan (Honda)
7 Florian Mangeot (Yamaha)
8 Michel Trannin (Yamaha)
9 Marc De Vries (Yamaha)
10 Davino Bruneel (Yamaha)
11 Adrien Mazzoleni (Yamaha)
12 Louis Pinchon (Yamaha)
13 Carl Bunce (Yamaha) – 11 laps
14 Pierre-Alain Dobois (Honda)
15 Roman Gwiazda (Yamaha)
16 Damian Rajczk (Yamaha)
17 Mathieu Morin (Yamaha)
18 Arnaud Bordes (Yamaha)
19 Antony Baillarguet (Honda)
20 Florian Pitre (Yamaha)
21 Ricardo Phoelich (Honda)
22 Joris Kersten (Yamaha)
23 Frank Violet (Yamaha)
24 Florian Lemaire (Yamaha)
25 Harry Miller (Yamaha)
26 Joffrey Christiaens (Yamaha)
27 Charlie Sauvage (Yamaha)
28 Sebastien Tessier (Yamaha)
29 Guy Meertens (Yamaha)
30 Johnny Leboeuf (Yamaha)