Vanluchene and Bogaart win Czech Sidecar GP

Report and Pictures by Tracy Thacker

           The pairing of Marvin Vanluchene and Ben van den Bogaart with a win and a second place won the overall at last weekends round four of the World Sidecar championship at Kramolin in the Czech Republic. And with that win snatched the red championship leaders plate back from Etienne Bax with passenger Kaspars Stupelis. 
           This week the weather wasn’t good, with low temperatures and lots of rain. Of the four British teams who were trying to qualify only two made it through. 

Michael Hodges – Scott Grahame.
            In Race 1, Dierckens / Bax took the, and an early lead with Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart tucked into second, but they fought hard to blast into the lead, going on to take a great win. Despite intense competition Dierckens / Bax held second. Sanders / Kunnas battled hard to take third with Bax / Stupelis and Hermans / Musset very close behind, but with only one dry racing line on the track, passing was almost impossible. Giraud / Haller was next with Brown / Chamberlain seventh

Stuart Brown – Josh Chamberlain.
           In Race 2, Dierckens / Bax blasted into the lead on bend one to take a second holeshot, with Sanders / Kunnas staying close in second. But it was Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart who were on top form working their way forward from a slow start. By the halfway point they were through to take the lead looking for a second win, but their rivals had other ideas with Hermans / Musset very determined to get passed, going on to take a great victory. Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart held second with Bax / Stupelis fighting past both Dierckens / Bax and Sanders / Kunnas to take third. Unfortunately, a loud exhaust earnt them a five-place penalty. This meant Dierckens / Bax took third just ahead of Sanders / Kunnas with Giraud / Haller in fifth. Brown / Chamberlain had a great battle with Cuche / Cuche finally taking sixth place.  Hodges / Grahame had their best race of the day working hard to make the final point scoring place. 

Etienne Bax – Kaspers Stupelis.
           So after another exciting weekend, Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart took the overall win and regained the red plate, with Bax / Stupelis are just six points behind with Hermans / Musset moving up to third and Willemsen / Rostingt hold fourth. 
           Brown / Chamberlain is now holding equal sixth with Giraud / Haller. The British teams are doing well with another three teams in the top twenty: Jake Brown / Millard, Hodges / Grahame and Kinge / Gray.
            So next weeks the championship moves to Ukraine. It’s a new track for sidecar GPs, so it will be exciting for everyone.

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