New Exciting Venue in Ukraine for Sidecarcross Round Five

Report and pictures by Tracy Thacker

Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain           
           The fifth 2019 GP of the World Sidecarcross Championship was held this weekend at the new Bucha track in Ukraine
           The Sidecars have never had GP here before, and it was terrific, a permanent track with excellent facilities, and the Ukrainians could not have made us more welcome.
           Throughout the weekend, the weather was amazingly hot; this caused a bit of a balancing act between dust and too much water, but the built-in sprinkler system was a big help. Some parts of the track did get a bit too wet and made the track slippery in places, that made the racing more interesting.
            For qualifying, there were just twenty-four teams, so the qualifying heats determined places on the line in the GP races.
            Three British teams qualified, J Brown / Millard and Kinge / Gray took front row places with Brown / Chamberlain on the back row after stopping for a rear wheel change when the mousse broke up.

Stuart Brown / Josh Chamberlain        
           On GP race day the weather was scorching and the track dry and dusty, overnight watering had caused deep puddles, but these dried out as the racing got underway.
            In Race one, Dierckens / Bax took the holeshot. In second Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart flipped over on one of the slippery watered sections and dropped right back, but did keep going.
            Bax / Stupelis was fourth but blasted into the lead in the first few laps. Hermans / Musset fought past Dierckens / Bax to take second with Varik / Daiders closing in, they pushed hard throughout finally taking third with just a few laps remaining. Dierckens / Bax held fourth with a big battle behind for fifth.

Etienne Bax / Kaspars Stupelis.
           Brown / Chamberlain had a midfield start from the back row but worked hard to fight forward. They were soon up to seventh and chasing hard, they passed Van Wernen / Beunk, but Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart was going like a train and closing in from behind, they did get past, and both teams closed on Sanders / Kunnas for a three-way battle. Brown / Chamberlain managed to move ahead taking a tremendous sixth place, with Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart just ahead.
            Kinge / Gray was just outside the top ten on the start and had a safe race passing Keuben / Rietman to take eleventh.

Marvin Vanluchene / Andres Haller.
           J Brown / Millard had a good race but suffered a mechanical problem near the end of the race.
           In Race two, Bax / Stupelis lead from the start, looking for a double win, and weren’t disappointed. Sanders / Kunnas stayed close in second, but Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart we’re determined to make up for their race one problems and fought hard to blast past into second. Sanders / Kunnas held third, but Varik / Daiders blasted through to pass.
          Hermans / Musset had a great start but skidded and flipped the bike over, Dierckens / Bax had similar problems, and both were fighting through from the back.
          They recovered well, and Hermans / Musset chased hard for another three-way battle taking a brilliant fourth. Brown / Chamberlain started again from a mid-field position but quickly blasted past their rivals to take fifth with Sanders / Kunnas just behin

Arne Dierckens / Robbie Bax.
          Cuche / Cuche took advantage of the good start and held seventh ahead of Van Wernen / Beunk with Kinge / Gray ninth, but a very determined Dierckens / Bax closed on them in the final laps, and they couldn’t stay ahead, settling for a great tenth.
           J Brown / Millard was just behind but again suffered mechanical problems in the last part of the race but still managed to pick up one point.
           So after another exciting weekend, the red plate swaps back to Bax / Stupelis. Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart are just six points behind with Hermans / Musset holding third. Sanders / Kunnas is up to fourth with Brown / Chamberlain now fifth.
           The British teams are doing well with another two teams in the top twenty: Jake Brown / Millard and Kinge / Gray.
           So in two weeks, the championship moves to the Plomion track in France, where the battle for the red plate continues.

Overall results