Toby Martyn Stormes to a Southern Experts Win

Sam Conner (300 Evo Beta)
            World-class trail rider Toby Martyn (250 Evo Beta) put on a world-class ride last Sunday by winning the 78th running of the Sunbeam Southern Experts trail with an incredibly low score of just four points.
            The organising Bridport and Weymouth club did an excellent job of laying out fifteen very testing sections for the riders to attempt three times in and around the Bowers quarry on a windy Portland headland. It being a quarry there was rocks, rocks and more rocks and it was going to take a brave, confident rider to tackle and tame them. 
            Martyn started his trial off well taking a single dab on sections three and nine to finish the opening lap on just two marks lost. But that’s not to say he was running away with it as Ross Danby (300 TRS UK) finish his first lap on three marks lost and Thomas Minta (300 Scorpa) was just one point behind Danby on four with Billy Green (300 RR Montesa) one mark behind him, so it was all still to play for.

Billy Green (300 RR Montesa)
            Things started to change on the second lap in the bright lunchtime sunshine as Martyn turned up the heat and did a lap with a single dab butting the pressure on the rest of the rider. Danby stayed with him but had to single dabs on sections two and nine. Green completed his second lap with nine and moved into third place as Minta, with the loss of twelve slipped to third place with a lap to go.
            It was all shaping up for an exciting last lap when Martyn did another lap with just a single dab ending his day on a fantastic four marks lost. Danby had a two on section two and followed that up with three singles on five, eight and nine. These gave him a total of five for the lap and ten, which gave him second for the event, which was only six off the winner Martyn.

Toby Martyn (300 TRRS)
           Green added seven to his score on the last lap for a total of twenty-one and third in the trial, with Minta fourth on twenty-nine. Sam Conner (300 Evo Beta) was fifth despite having his first ride since shoulder surgery. Perhaps nit the best one to make his return.
          “It’s been a really good day for me,” said winner Martyn, “considering it’s my first ride with and the announcement of riding for TRRS. I will be riding for them for the 2020 season, and it’s nice to start that off with a win at this prestigious event. There are so many big names on the winner’s trophy, and it’s an honour to have my name added to it. I lost a couple of the first lap and one more on each lap after which I can only put down to perhaps a loss of a bit of concentration”.

Thomas Moss (GP Stiles Gas Gas)
            In the clubman expert route, the score was a bit higher as winner Grant Laming (300 TRS) went 16, 16, 13 for a total of 45 with second place man in the class, Ben Lovelace (TXT Gas Gas) ten points behind him. Thomas McCabe (300 TRS), Jason Galvin (300 Evo Beta), and Toby Smith (260 4TR Montesa) all finished the day on sixty-five but finished in that order by the furthest clean rule. Craig Talbot (BVM Sherco) was just one point behind them and must be thinking, two dabs less, and he could have been third instead of sixth.
           Neal Hubbard (250 Pro Ga Gas) was in control of the clubman class as his eleven score was twenty-one clear of second-place man James Conner (250 Evo Beta) who had James Stay (300 RR TRS) just three points behind him.
           Oliver Stay (125 Evo Beta) won in a closely fought batter with Alice Minta (125 Scorpa) in the youth “A” as the pair of youngsters ended the day separated by just one point. Oliver Smith (125 SC BVM Scorpa) won the youth “B” class from Joe Snelling (125 Evo Beta).

Joe Baker (300 Sherco)


1 Toby Martyn (250 Evo Beta) 4
2 Ross Danby (300 TRS UK) 10
3 Billy Green (300 Montesa) 21
4 Thomas Minta (300 Scorpa) 29
5 Sam Connor (300 Evo Beta) 36
6 Oliver Smith (300 Evo Beta UK) 74
7 Jack Dance (250 Gas Gas) 88
8 Connor Atkinson (300 St Sherco) 90
9 Joe Baker (300 Sherco) 101
10 Tyler Rendall (300 BVM Gas Gas) 116
11 Thomas Moss (300 GP Stiles Gas Gas) 140
12 Kieran Tovey (Factory Sherco) 144

Clubman expert:
1 Grant Laming (300 TRS) 45
2 Ben Lovelace (300 TXT Pro Gas Gas) 55
3 Thomas McCabe (300 TRS) 65
4 Jason Galvin (300 Evo Beta) 65
5 Toby Smith (260 4TR Montesa) 65
6 Craig Talbot (BVM Sherco) 66
7 Ben Skinner (300 Gas Gas) 71
8 Radford Chugg (300 RR Montesa) 73
9 James Grist (300 Sherco) 76
10 Gareth Talbot (300 BVM Beta) 79
11 Brian Francis (300 Gas Gas) 80
12 James Saunders (300 TRS) 87

1 Neal Hubbard (250 Pro Gas Gas) 11
2 James Conner (250 Evo Beta) 32
3 James Stay (300 RR TRS) 35
4 Kieran Reeves (280 Gold TRS) 39
5 Martin Carter (250 Gas Gas) 46
6 Jonathan Davidson (280 TRS) 51
7 Finley Belcher (250 One BVM TRS) 61
8 Duncan Ravenhall-White (250 Vertical R Inta Vertigo) 63
9 Mike Champion (280 RR TRS) 65
10 David Sherlock (300 TXT Gas Gas) 67
11 Neil Bowker (250 Sherco) 76
12 Oliver Brimecombe (260 Montesa) 113

Youth “A”:
1 Oliver Stay (125 Evo Beta) 98
2 Alice Minta (125 Scorpa) 99

Youth “B”:
1 Oliver Smith (125 SC BVM Scorpa) 26
2 Joe Snelling (125 Evo Beta) 35
3 Finley Kettle (125 RR TRS) 79
4 Reece Legg (125 TXT Gas Gas) 112